Development Management

Development Management is specialist service where we advise, lead and manage all aspects of development, from inception, acquisition and design, through planning, financing and fund raising, commercial issues, and implementation

The strength and uniqueness of Brickstone Managers Limited is our flexibility with role and scope of responsibility, as well as our lean attitude toward business operations. Both of these attributes provide our clients with advantages that we believe add considerable value to the overall project. In regard to role and scope of responsibility, outlined below is a list of services that we often provide our clients to demonstrate the breadth of services we may provide. We note that your project may not require our involvement with all of these actions. Working with the goal of maximizing the efficiency of professional management time expended on your behalf, we would provide you with a detailed proposal for service once we have discussed your specific needs.

Development Management Service encompasses all commercial aspects of property development and then extends to project management of detailed design and construction. It proceeds on the foundation of property Transaction and Legal documentation.

Whether from the Programme or participant perspective, Brickstone creates a development plan and strategy and works with clients to optimize project returns and mitigate project risk. Our service is offered along the following lines

Development Planning & Feasibility

Development Appraisal

Pre-Construction Co-ordination

Finance and Commercial Management

Project Managment

Development Planning & Feasibility

Development Planning

Advancing a concept design to a preliminary design incorporating the detailed ingredients for commercial success, detailed cost planning and revenue forecasting, anticipating and incorporating reasonable and local authority, state government and market requirements.

Development Feasibility Analysis

Development and Construction programming meshed with cost and revenue forecasts, identification of risks and risk management strategies, and understanding financial sensitivities and exposures. Having a plan to continually improve profitability forecasts.

Development Appraisal

Brickstone provides financial modeling, due diligence and bankability analysis services to project sponsors, developers and government entities. The firm works with these clients, usually in partnership with consulting, specialist engineering and legal firms, on the upfront analysis and planning for the development of major capital projects, mostly in the West Africa. Brickstone is also able to participate in feasibility studies for projects.

We provide the following services

  • Market Research Feasibility
  • Project Economics and Evaluation
  • Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility studies
  • Financial Modelling
  • Property Appraisal and Valuation services
  • Asset evaluation and Business Case Analysis
  • Contract review and Assessment
Pre-Construction Co-ordination

Consultants Coordination

Engagement of Architects, Engineers, Town Planners and other Specialists to address key issues, develop solutions , prepare reports to facilitate approvals and prepare designs ready for detailed documentation and construction. Understanding, knowledge and management ability to coordinate inputs and achieve practical, economical, and simple outcomes to development issues.

Community Consultation

Enhancement of the Approvals process where appropriate.

Legal Management

Preparation of forms of Agreement, Contract, Lease, and Sale that follow the main development transactions and are consistent with them and delivery strategies.

Approvals Management

Coordination of Statutory Application preparation consistent with the solutions and strategies developed, management of time frames, and negotiation of development conditions.

Finance and Commercial Management

Finance and Funding

Reports, Cash flow forecasts, procure offers and terms sheets, applications, equity mezzanine or joint venture partners.

Sales and Leasing Management

Marketing, Sales and Leasing arrangements, opportunity management, motivation and targeting. Handover and Tenancy occupation processes.

Forecasting and Reporting

Cost and revenue, profitability movements, opportunities and risks.

Project Management

Project Management

Co-ordination of Detailed design and documentation, construction tendering and contract creation, procurement, construction, risk and liability management, claims management and negotiation, detailed programming, construction monitoring and reporting, contract super-intendance administration and management.

Our Approach 

Brickstone Managers provides a boutique development management business. Offering flexible development management expertise to Asset investors, developers, and occupiers in the Government and private sectors We advise, lead and manage all aspects of development, from inception, acquisition and design, through planning, financing and fund raising, commercial issues, and implementation.

Our provide guidance through all stages of the development lifecycle, fusing commercial awareness, technical know-how and instinctive people skills to unlock value and make great places through every decision, strategy and action.



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