Agribusiness & Heavy Industries

Agriculture and Rapid industrial development has been the main focus of economic development in last 5 years because of its potential benefits. Industrialization tends to propel economic growth and quicken the achievement of structural transformation and diversification of economies.

Our Agribusiness and Heavy Industries professionals have extensive experience in assisting participants — from stakeholders of small to medium domestic agribusinesses to large multinational organizations — to address feasibility issues. We understand the drivers that impact the industry from the farm gate, along the supply chain, to the end processors.


We advise along the following core areas.
Oil Palm Processing | Irrigation | Milling Plants | Agro-Processing
Processing of outputs adds value to agriculture and animal products by packing and preserving of farm produce so that products could be exported. Agri-processing is important as it creates employment and would help Africa in import substitution, foreign currency earnings from exports. We are focused on delivering commercially astute, innovative advice for our clients
Irrigation | Agro-Equipment | Silos | Large Milling Plants | Solar for Farms
Our Agricultural Infrastructure objective is to provide resources for increasing farmers’ incomes and protecting the environment through the development of yield enabling infrastructure such as storage, processing, irrigation and power
Heavy Industries
Process Industries | Manufacturing | Fabrication | Galvanizing | Fertilizer
Heavy Industry in Nigeria comprises of the heavy engineering industry, machine tool industry, heavy electrical industry, industrial machinery and auto-industry.These industries provides goods and services for almost all sectors of the economy,including power,rail and road transport.The machine building industry caters the requirements of equipment for basic industries such as steel,non-ferrous metals,fertilizers,refineries, petrochemicals,shipping,paper,cement,sugar,etc.
Our Approach
Nigeria’s rich primary resources has the ability to give rise to world-class agricultural industries with an strong reputation for the quality, competitiveness and innovation of its farmers, established supply chains and related infrastructure, as well as enjoying low sovereign risk. Our team of Industrial and agribusiness specialists with strong backgrounds and direct experience project development.
We add value in the following ways
  • Feasibility & Modelling – We understand the key sensitivities, issues and challenges this sector faces and the opportunities and commercial drivers that inform their decisions we partner with multinational clients in both established markets and higher growth emerging markets to create better business outcomes through the development of feasibility and investment models
  • Strategy development – we develop key strategies for investors to invest in this and act as trusted local adviser in all their advisory requirements
  • Transaction Services – we advise throughout the life cycle of a transaction including buy-side, sell-side and post-transaction asset management.
  • Deal flow – our strong relationships with business owners and makes us able to develop opportunities in the industry and provide access to a strong deal creation.
  • Asset management – we provide origination and structuring of investments to suit our client’s investment goals. We possess good experience in OPEX and development management as well as providing operational efficiency to increase project profitability. We achieve this whilst optimizing the quality of the underlying asset
  • Debt and corporate restructuring – we work with established industry operators to optimize their financing structures, and structure additional or funding arrangements
  • Strategic advice – regardless of whether company is at seed stage, growth or maturity stages of its business cycle, we advise on business model, strategy performance and divestment strategies.
  • Restructuring and turnaround advice – we provide industry operators and lenders with optimal and innovative debt restructuring strategies. We conduct independent business appraisal reviews and business optimization plans.

Capability Statement on Agriculture & Heavy Industries

We provide Research, Feasibility, Development Advisory and Asset Management Service to meet your project objectives

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